Interactive Action Cat Toy (359)

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*Unused, Unboxed & Tested Surplus Unit - Brand New Condition - 14-day limited warranty



3 in 1 Electronic Interactive Action Cat Toy

  • New Upgraded Cat Toy
  • Unpredictable Movement
  • Funny Feeder

This toy integrates the cat's favourite past times with the auto-rotating wobble toy, two different feather toys to choose from & a food dispenser. Ball tumbler will automatically spin on the floor while the feathers fly & food is simultaneously dispensed.


  • The tumbler will irregularly spinning and pausing
  • 2 different feather toys will be spinning along with the tumbler
  • The tumbler can also be used as a mealtime feeder.

This toy integrates the cat's favorites, the auto-rotating wobble toy, two different feather toys and the food dispenser. the ball tumbler will automatic spinning on the floor while feather flying, also leaking out food simultaneously.

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